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Care Kit


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Product "Care Kit"

Everyday necessities for everyday cleaning. The Care Kit is a thoughtful curation of trusted favorites to help clean, condition, and protect anything, anywhere. The Ready-To-Use Foam paired with JM's Premium Cleaning Brush provides a powerful clean that’s gentle enough for delicates. After cleaning, lightly mist the Repel Spray for protection from spills, stains, rain, or shine. And in case you’re heading out the door, the individually packaged Quick Wipe makes it convenient to care on the go.

Safe on all materials such as leather, suede, nubuck, cotton, and knits.

Included In Kit

- 7oz. Ready-To-Use Foam Cleaner
Premium cleaning and conditioning power in every pump. Designed with ease in mind, the RTU Foam dispenses the perfect ratio of solution to water for the most effective clean every single time. Safe on all materials - you’re free to pump, scrub, and wipe as you please.

- 2oz. Repel Spray
Designed to prepare you for any forecast. The water-based formula creates a durable, but breathable barrier that safely protects suede, nubuck, nylon, canvas, cotton, knits, and all other absorbent materials.

- Premium Cleaning Brush
Don’t worry about it, seriously. Crafted from soft hog’s hair bristles and walnut wood, the Premium Brush cleans with care. Gentle for delicate materials.

- 3 Quick Wipes
Your ideal companion for convenient, on-the-go clean ups. The unique dual-textured, raised dot technology caters to both the gentle spills and those stubborn stains.

NOTE: When cleaning premium leather, suede, cotton mesh and other delicate materials take extra care and be gentle. We highly recommend using our Premium Shoe Cleaning Brush. The softer hog bristles are better suited for use on delicate surfaces.

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