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Carbon Protect Spray


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Product "Carbon Protect Spray"

Collonil Carbon Protect Spray - Ultimate Sneaker Care!
The Carbon Pro waterproofing spray is the king among high-performance waterproofing sprays. The innovative technology enables almost limitless waterproofing of all materials and breathable membranes such as Gore-Tex® or Sympatex®. It works like a sprayable membrane with extreme pearling effect and provides long-lasting protection against penetrating moisture, extreme wet and dirt. Despite the highly effective waterproofing, the treated product remains just as breathable as before. Carbon Pro is designed for shoes, functional jackets, handbags, rucksacks and lots more. When used regularly, the spray significantly lengthens the lifespan of any treated product.

Apply PROTECTING SPRAY at a distance of approx. 30 cm from the surface of cleaned material. Allow to dry and repeat. Reapply protection after wearing 12-15 times.

Please note: Aerosol spray cans are classified as “dangerous goods“. Hence overseas shipping is not possible.

- 300ml

Content: 300ml