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Sneaker Freaker 45

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Produkt "Sneaker Freaker 45"

The cover star of Issue 45 is a world-first preview of the Joe Freshgoods x New Balance collaboration. Sneaker Freaker’s managing editor Audrey Bugeja goes deep with Joe as he explains the background behind the follow-up to his ‘No Emotions Are Emotions’ project. This is another deeply personal Joe Freshgoods narrative sourced straight outta the late 90s, but there’s a serious political point to be made, one that we’ll let Joe explain in his own inimitable words.

Next up we visit Camden, New Jersey, where Byron and Darien Gans have amassed an incredible collection of game-worn pro-models and vintage relics that are all on display at their Shoe Kings store. How this discombobulating shrine to vintage sneakers has not blown up already is a mystery, but Air Rev’s freewheeling 5000-word interview certainly does justice to the sibling’s unique story. If you’re looking for an antidote to the money-grubbing cynicism personified by the ‘Ann Hebert’ reseller kerfuffle, then this interview, like a good mixtape, will put you in the right mood.

On another tip entirely, SF's Happy Trails feature delves deep into the backwoods as they take an 80-page look at the current hype behind off-road gear. Sneaker Freaker document everything from the history of Salomon to HOKA ONE ONE’s outrageous new hiking boots and Louis Vuitton’s $1600 chalk-bag. Woody’s interview with Teki Latex in Paris is the jewel in this crown. Teki’s love of GORE-TEX, Mowabbs, incongruous layers of apparel and harnessing the ‘abstract flow of energy’ make for highly entertaining and enlightening reading.

Aside from that you can expect the usual assortment of fresh news, salacious gossip, artist exposes and highly opinionated speculation. Grab your copy of issue 45 now and read all about it!

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