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Converse All Star 70's Hi Shield


When you think of some of the most popular sneakers ever, you’d be tempted to include the adidas Stan Smith, Nike Air Max 1, or perhaps the Puma Suede. Regardless what you include on that list, there’s no way you can leave out the Converse All Star. In fact, it is still the most popular sneaker of all time.

Originally put together 1917, the All Star saw new life when basketball player Chuck Taylor became fascinated with them. In the 1970s, it was no longer a performance staple, but more of a recognizable symbol of skateboarders and all things counter culture. Yet, at its core, the All Star was an incredibly versatile shoe that could be used for school, work, and weekend outings. Here, we see one of its most recent versions take on advanced properties, including a Counter Climate Shield upper. This material gives the old favorite water repellant qualities without taking away from its original stylings. Long live the Chucks!

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